We can lament it all we want, but “The content game” is the only game in town these days. 

By content game, I mean content marketing. And by content marketing, I mean the Trumps and Kardashians (and Ninja, Casey Neistat, Jake Paul etc).

We live in an attention economy, and there is no going back anytime soon. 

Don’t believe me? Do you realize people are posting fake sponsored posts in their Instagram accounts? (What would the 1960’s think about this odd corporate future?!)

The good news?  The content game forces you to become known for something. You are forced to have the discipline to refine and narrow your thoughts and beliefs until you find differentiation. Living out loud creates discipline. That discipline creates new creative thoughts and seeds. The process is counterintuitively creative.

And when you embrace this process, your career becomes more sustainable and defensible.

In fact, the cure to our limited job security is the content game. All of these Silicon Valley FAANG workers I know are miserable. They are stressed out and live in perpetual fear that they will lose their prestigious jobs.

To make it worse, the FAANG companies control their employees to the point they need express written permission to speak publicly as a FAANG employee. I find that utterly depressing. And a big part of the cure for this misery is the content game.

I’m reluctantly and now enthusiastically embracing the content game. If I start posting fake sponsored posts, I give you full written permission to troll me :)))) 

Jake Paul has game.

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