Amazon is juicing the ball now!

Last night around 3am I couldn’t sleep, so I naturally looked at my Linkedin feed in the dark (isn’t that what you do too?)

I happy saw this post:

When playing around with emerging trends, it pays to track the smartest people in the room. Bret Kinsella is one of the smartest people in the voice technology room. I highly suggest you follow Bret, even if you only have casual interest in voice technology. Some of my biggest business success has come from tracking smart people like Bret, and making sure I track them closely.

So this is super interesting, and Bret is all over it.

FWIW, I’ve been selling physical products on Amazon for about a year now. It’s been an incredible experience (I’ll be writing LOTS more about it soon). But the big thing to know is that the number of positive reviews for a product is the #1 factor in determining Amazon sales. It’s become a high stakes game of gaming product reviews, and Amazon chasing down the folks who do it. The problem of course is that it’s whack-a-mole. And the stakes are so high, companies will do whatever it takes to generate “fake” positive reviews. I personally know of companies selling products on Amazon that will spend close to $500 per positive review.

So, if you can use your voice to leave voice skills, it suggests to me that we will start to see a larger delta between voice skills that game reviews, and voice skills that do not figure it out in time. I like to personally track review counts with voice skills, and use Dashbot (free) to do so.

Over on the product side of Amazon, if Amazon turns on voice review for physical products, expect total chaos.

All of these small details are worth tracking. I’ll try to keep you posted from time to time here.




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