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Ben Smith is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Chancebending Ventures, a full-service consulting and advisory firm servicing seed stage digital startups to Fortune 500 clients. Ben has built and sold multiple venture backed startups, including Blayze inc. Prior to that, Ben was an early Google and YouTube business exec behind YouTube’s biggest partnerships and strategic efforts. Ben created many first of its kind social media partnerships on the web, and lead YouTube’s efforts with Hollywood for years. He helped bridge the gap between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, leaving YouTube HQ to be the company’s first businessperson in Los Angeles.

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How long until VOICE dominates everything?

Check out this little infographic. Voice is here. Don't miss out. Get started today. It's way easier than you think to create voice apps (i.e.-- "skills"). If you're in LA, come to our first Voice Entrepreneur Meetup on April 24th at 630pm. More info to...

What Happens Next in ‘Making a Murderer’?

Did Making a Murderer leave you wondering, “Wtf, people. How is this happening?” Me too. So I decided to investigate for myself… Meet Carrie Sperling. Carrie is the Co-director of the Wisconsin Innocence Project. That’s right. The same Wisconsin Innocence Project that...

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