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The content game is the only game in town

We can lament it all we want, but "The content game" is the only game in town these days.  By content game, I mean content marketing. And by content marketing, I mean the Trumps and Kardashians (and Ninja, Casey Neistat, Jake Paul etc). We live in an attention...

A stupid-simple way to hack meditation

When I get stressed out, I take a 1000 year breath. It’s really simple: Breathe in Imagine in that breath a 1000 years pass. Repeat Try it. It works. I found it accidentally. While rocking our little baby Ty to sleep one night, I became aware of how dark our little...

The opportunity (and the content arms race)

As we wind down for the holidays I thought I'd try to avoid some Netflix and ice cream and try to share something with you (carb-free!).   If I think back over the year, here is the idea that strikes me the most:   in 2018 I figured out our biggest opportunity is in...

Making podcasts better for you

This new season of the Chancebending podcast is going so well! Chancebending has taken off. We've done record numbers the last two weeks.  And it's been interesting--- I wanted to walk you through some of the challenges everybody goes through when getting a podcast...

Ode to the iPod click wheel

I love functional beauty. The iPod click wheel is a thing of beauty. Apple got so many things right in the early 2000s, and the click wheel was arguably the biggest of all. Chaim Gartenberg recently wrote: "The click wheel was the pinnacle of iPod

One Question with…Brad White (Founder of BiiG)

Because you probably don't have enough content in your life, I'm asking my fellow friends, entrepreneurs, and entertainers one really good question, and I'll share with you the answer I get here. While I can't make any promises, I'll try to get the smartest, hippest,...

Have you considered “Personal R&D”?

I saw the other day that Facebook is quietly developing 'soft robotics' - flexible robots that move and act like living organisms. It struck me that flexible robots that act like living organisms is fairly far away from Facebook's stated mission: Facebook's mission is...

Can you handle the pace?

I'm obsessed with Ninja. That's right, Ninja is the guy making $6m a year playing video games. In 2018, Ninja is more widely mentioned than nearly any other "athlete" on the planet. In April of this year he had more social interactions than Ronaldo, LeBron, and Shaq....

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