You want to take control.

You want to take concrete steps.

You want to finally make and keep more money.

You want to be even more successful.

You want to live intentionally.

You need a business coach.

I can be that coach for you.

My clients are living this dream.

They don’t just talk and hope it will happen. They take action.

They get results. They move forward daily with intention.

They build businesses. (Sean just reached 600k)

They double the number of people they serve. (Michael hired 16 new employees)

They triple revenue. (Mark just closed a new 7 figure deal)

They stop procrastinating. They organize their lives. They’re less angry and critical.

They set boundaries. They discover more purpose, motivation, and success.


How does coaching make this happen?

First, it increases awareness. We have to look at you from the outside. Sometimes that is what it takes to get clarity.

Second, it creates a framework and plan. We must have an actionable plan in order to make progress.

Finally, it demands massive action. We insist on making commitments and following through for predictable results.

Coaching is not life coaching or therapy. We don’t care about your problems in the past.

We simply start where we are and move forward.

It’s a future-focused, mind-blowing process.

Here’s the deal…

If you want to join and be my coaching client, here’s how it works…

First, you enroll by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, and then you get immediate access to the coaching site where you will find a collection of videos on elite entrepreneur training, Media, Marketing and Podcast training, and doubling revenue in half the time. 

We will then send you a box in the mail with materials to get you started on your coaching program.

On the first of the month, we will send you your coaching assignment and workbook for the month.

This will also include the number and times for the live coaching calls. (they will be recorded.)

You will also have daily access to me for questions and the opportunity for one to one phone sessions from certified coaches.

It’s a coaching program designed for clients who want lasting change.

Coaching is month to month.

Payment is automatic monthly.

I recommend at least a year commitment,

I don’t offer refunds for previous months, but you can cancel anytime.

Cost is $297 per month

You can enroll by clicking the button below.

Your life is about to change.

You are the hero.

I’m the guide.

Don’t stay lost.

Follow me. 


Enrollment is open! Click below to enroll.

Download the Program Overview PDF here!



“I’ve been working with Ben Smith for over a year now. Ben has such a wide and amazing experience to draw from that he immediately increased my personal benchmarks 3x. Ben’s mentorship is the best money I spend on my business every month.”  

–Brad White



“Ben’s coaching is a game changer. I’ve learned so much over the last year working together. He helped me focus and figure out how to take my business to a new level. He even helped me get my podcast going. Highly recommend Ben to all.”

–Alex Mitchell Hardt



“Ben Smith has changed the way I think about business. The coaching is literally priceless, worth every penny. I tell every startup I know they need his wisdom and coaching.”

–Mark Linao



“Ben Smith is the coach I’ve always wanted. He exposed me to real and rarely available insights and knowledge about voice technology. He helped me gain my first job at one of the leading smartphone brands in India. Thank you so much, Ben. Keep spreading the light. 

–Anvesh Sharma

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Take your game to a higher level.
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Join over 10K people who get my inside scoop on life, making it happen, and the modern art of entrepreneuring.

Take your game to a higher level.


Join over 10K people who get my inside scoop on life, making it happen, and the modern art of entrepreneuring.

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