Happy new year!

It’s quite easy to be down about the world and how we treat each other here in 2018 and early 2019.

And while I feel those negative emotions, I also feel incredibly optimistic about the world overall.

Positive things happen around the world everyday.

I think we collectively embraced new technologies in the internet and social media for the last 15 years. We got excited about food delivery, cheap rides, selfies, and unboxing videos. And now it feels like we’re all scared and worried about the same technology.

The pendulum will swing back to positivity soon enough. Of course we have big new exciting technologies coming, things like stem cells, robotics, blockchain, and incredible health technologies. But we also have small positive things coming at us quickly.

I try to find these positive developments and share them as much as possible. In that spirit, I got that good bubbly feeling when I saw this announced by the Los Angeles Mayors Office yesterday:

Earthquake early warning app now available for LA

ShakeAlertLA sends a warning to smartphones when shaking is expected anywhere in Los Angeles County.

Break through technology? Not at all. But it’s helpful. And I don’t even think this made major news at all.

I’m going to keep finding these things. The pendulum will swing.



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