I inhale content. I get through more content in a day then most people do in a month.

But I’m meticulous about who I allow to be my content filter. I’m constantly refining my sources, and I do not hesitate to drop sources quickly.

My strategy:

I use Feedly to do a basic scan of headlines throughout the day. I scan from roughly 100 sources in Feedly daily. I then carefully follow a key 25-50 other people in various fields across social platforms. I also listen to roughly 40-50 podcasts a week at 1.6-1.9x speed on Overcast. I often fast forward the first 3-5 minutes of a podcast, and I have become very good at finding the meat of a podcast conversation. I generally ignore podcast guests on book tours who appear on multiple podcasts I follow at roughly the same time.

Maybe this sounds like a lot to you. But for me, I find it liberating. I have locked in my network of geniuses and I get to avoid and ignore everything else. So when a genius VC I follow like Howard Lindzon suggests watching a video, I will take the time to do so.

Howard recently suggested watching this video of Balaji SrinIvasan speaking on the future of technology and society.

It’s a great watch (and I also suggest following Howard and Balaji).


The wickedly smart and funny Howard Lindzon


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