How to create Alexa skills in 5 minutes! No coding required.


(To listen on Alexa, go HERE. To listen on iTunes, go HERE.)


Basic steps:


1) Record something fun on your phone or laptop

2) Use a site like Pippa.io to store your audio files

3) Go to Amazon and create a free developer account

4) Click “create skill” and select “flash brief”

5) Copy and paste your Pippa feed link into your Amazon account

6) Fill out some some basic info on Amazon and click “submit”







Hello everybody, this is Voice Entrepreneur with Ben Smith!

Hope you’re having a great day. It’s an exciting day here at Voice Entrepreneur, because I want to share with you how to create Alexa skills in five minutes. All of my friends have been asking, Well, how do I create alexa skills? Then they see some really cool stuff we’re doing and what other people are doing. I get excited. I tell them about it and I want to make it abundantly clear: It is so easy to create Alexa skills. It requires no coding. You don’t have to be a genius. You don’t have to be a geek. All you have to do is record something and get going.

So I have seven steps for you today on how to create an Alexa skill in under five minutes!:

The first: It’s really simple to record on your phone. In fact, in the first three episodes of voice entrepreneur, I actually used my laptop speaker to record. I didn’t have fancy equipment. I didn’t have a microphone. I didn’t have anything except for my laptop, so you don’t need fancy equipment to succeed. So the first thing to do is just record on your phone for a minute to two minutes. Have some fun. It can be loose.

Number two: you need to choose a place to store your audio files online. So what this means is that you have to put your recorded files somewhere so that they can be found by the Alexa when you’re ready to publish. So I personally use a website called Pippa.io.  Shout out to Terry at Alexa in Canada for turning me on to Pippa. Pippa is amazing. You simply upload your audio files to the site. They make it really, really easy and then they directly ship your files to Alexa, or you can do an itunes podcast, you can send it to Spotify, you can go anywhere you want to go.

Number three: you have to go to Amazon and you have to create an account developer account for your Alexa skill. So it’s really, really easy. I’ll have a link in our show notes today. And in fact, I’ll have all the information you need in the show notes on www.bensmith.tv so that you can go there at any point and just see these steps over again and get going.

Step four: You just click Create skill and then you select flash brief.

Step five: you simply just copy and paste your Pippa feed directly into Amazon. So you just connect the two accounts.

Steps six and seven: You fill out some very basic information for Amazon and then you click “Submit”. That’s it. Can you believe it?

So again, all of the steps are to simply record, find a place to store, though, create an Amazon account, connect to your feeds, add some information and you’re good to go. So to me, this is the future because anybody will be able to publish to the speakers almost instantaneously. And we’re going to have incredible feeds from all over the world. So, to me, this means that everything is going to be very current. I expect to get up to date live news. Think of it as audio for Twitter. That’s where I think this is going. So join the revolution, have some fun,  record something– anything– it doesn’t have to be good. I mean Voice Entrepreneur, we’re just having fun here recording something. Get it up, contact me if you have questions. I’m happy to help. And yeah, we’ll see you soon!

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