“Let me give you a window inside. These Voice platforms are interactive. Think about it. The whole medium is one giant buying opportunity. When Tim Ferriss does one of these briefs, the whole time it’s a buying opportunity. When Tony Robbins does a seminar using voice technology, it’s the same exact same thing. Now you tell me, do people love stories and other people? That’s how we buy. There is no second place with audio and video. Text can’t compete. That’s why video and audio are winning the web. The best thing you can do is starting making video and audio right now. You all have a voice recorder and video camera on your phone. Go shoot.”

— Ben Smith



Deutsch Agency: http://www.deutsch.com/

BIRD scooters: https://www.bird.co/

Making money with Alexa: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/601583/how-alexa-siri-and-google-assistant-will-make-money-off-you/




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Good morning, everybody!  This is Voice Entrepreneur with Ben Smith, hope you’re having a great day I’m having a good day. It’s Tuesday. It’s a busy day. I’m going over to the DOJ agency over on the westside of Los Angeles to do a little talk today to their good people and tell them what’s going on with voice with blockchain and crypto and  whatever’s hot. I’ll be answering questions so hopefully I’ll be back some good Q and Q from from over there today for all of you. And yeah, while I’m over there, Santa Monica is being attacked by these bird electric scooters, you’ve probably heard about it. Electric scooters are the future. They’re calling it the last mile transportation solution and it’s also green. So all of us will just be on electric scooter all of the time scooting around. I’ll probably do a little scooting, maybe hit the beach for for a few minutes and have a nice day.

I got a really good question last night from Lisa in Los Angeles and Lisa asked how are these Alexas are going to actually make money for us. So really good question, Lisa. Let me give you a little window inside.

I’m not sure everyone realizes, these things are interactive right?! Like what we’re doing with voice entrepreneur. Right now it’s completely interactive. So what that means is that at any point in this brief, you should be able to buy something in the future. Think about how powerful that is imagine when Tim Ferriss is doing one of these in a year or two, or when Tony Robbins is doing one of these in a year or two at any point when listening to one of those people.

You can buy something, all you have to say is the magic words with Alexa, which is,  “Alexa buy it.” Or “Buy the book” or maybe it’s something like, Oh, that sounds like a really interesting book or that sounds like you’re really interesting trip. You know what, “send me a sample” or  “send me more information”. That’s how this is all going to go down and it’s gonna be crazy right?! Because in the old days, you know, when I was getting started at Google, way back when, there were 12 search results on a page, there was a lot of inventory. A lot of people could get on that page and compete for your attention. Then in the mobile era, guess what, search results went down to three. So a lot more competition for the same space and now with voice, there’s only really room for one,  either the answer or or or what comes back right and that means that this space is going to be extremely, extremely compelling. Advertisers and brands and people that want your your focus and attention and they will need to pay. Think about that. You know, yesterday I spoke a little bit about DashBot.io. There’s so many opportunities you could build a shopping skill right now you can build something about your favorite sports team, you can build something about local politics, you could build something about insurance or being a lawyer or whatever it may be, but guess what, it’s all there for the taking right now. And so I want you to think about that the best thing you can do is to just start doing it. It’s really easy go to www.Ben Smith.tv and and just look how easy it is for me to get started. I’m not a technical guy! Just go ahead, get started, and see what happens. Everyone has a voice recorder. Everybody has a video camera on their phone just go shoot.

So you know what, it’s gonna be a great week I’m going to bring in more entrepreneurs for you guys. Talk to you soon. Have a great day and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



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