About Me

Experiments in what's possible and what can help. 


Ben is currently an active angel investor and startup advisor in Los Angeles. Ben previously founded Blayze Inc. (acquired by Vobile in Feb 2014). Prior to that, Ben was an early Google and YouTube business exec behind YouTube’s biggest partnerships and strategic efforts. Ben created many first of its kind social media partnerships on the web, and led YouTube’s efforts with Hollywood for years. He helped bridge the gap between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, leaving YouTube HQ to be the company's first businessperson in Los Angeles. 


  • Founded and exited on venture backed startups in the video ecosystem 

  • Key part of early YouTube and Google BD teams, signed first of its kind video deals

  • Active angel investor and advisor

  • Happy father and husband to one beautiful smiling baby and one beautiful smiling wife

  • Longtime LA tech community lover and fan